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Applied IT and maths development

Education focuses on the physical and mathematical sciences, the study of IT and the development of creative and research skills. The Lyceum is attended by students from grades 7 to 11.

Tuition, accommodation and meals are all free of charge. There is a swimming pool, a gym and a pottery studio.

Side activities

There is a lot of volunteering and self-management in the Lyceum. There are many olympiads and hackathons. There are dance, drama and music clubs.

How to enroll

Admission exams begin in April. It includes:

  • online round;
  • face-to-face tests in mathematics, computer science, physics and Russian language;
  • interview.

Admission road map

After graduation

The lyceum ranks among the top five schools in Tatarstan and among the top 100 in Russia with regard to the competitiveness of its graduates. Students qualify for enrolment at Innopolis University, Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics, MIPT and foreign universities

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