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Artspace, Parkovaya Str. 1
Sports dance Zumba

This is a dance fitness class that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their skills. The classes will improve your body's flexibility, body definition, movement, and positive emotions.

Coach - Gulnaz Hafizova.

Aesthetic gymnastics for children

It is a group sport that blends gymnastics, choreography and acrobatics. It helps to build the muscular corset, develop coordination, stretching and flexibility.

Basic training is necessary for the older group (6 years old and above).

Coach - Natalya Serochudinova.

Dance and aesthetic development theatre ‘AVE MARIA’ (3+)

Theatre training teaches children how to command stage attention, how to interact with partners, and how to release individual blockages. Classes start from the age of five.

The dance programme teaches the basics of choreography, plasticity and helps you develop physically and emotionally. Children over the age of three are welcome to attend.

Organiser - Ksenia Podlesnaya

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